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Thank you to all Veterans

I want to start by thanking all Veterans! I didn’t get to go to the Services, but with fibromyalgia and 3500 people. I declined, because fibromyalgia is a auto immune disorder, that leaves me with know immune system. I apologize for not going. But I have good news, I’m signed, sealed and delivered on my new endeavor and chapter in my life! I’m so excited 😊! It’s going to be a wicked adventure to my new autism world 🌎. Hallelujah! To my people, Hallelujah! I can’t explain where I’m off too, but, I will blog my experience through my own words, on how it affects me and my journey. Thank you again everyone for supporting my blog and continuing to support my cause. I’m out for the count and steppin the beat 💓 🎶.

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Amy L. Bailey


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