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The saying goes, so if you have something for a Season, then it should be good, Right? Well, wrong, it can be either, good or bad! Well this is good, but scary newness for me! This is my saying and gross is a word I also use all the time and maybe yours as well. I’ve been told I talk a lot, walked early, and I remember being hyper from day one. And I remember feeling texture on my face and hands in the highchair and not liking it! I have a picture somewhere my sisters have, they are keeping from me because they are shits, and will not release them to me. Another story for another time, plus, on that Pic, I didn’t look at the camera, because I hate getting my picture taking. Even back then, I recognized the impact of your world, the neurotypical world, to my slavery and my name I was given, to slavery. That is why I changed it, to the name I have now, being responsible and an old soul, just didn’t cut it for me anymore. I hated that name and hearing it in the content of abuse, my teenage to adult life, wasn’t healthy for my life in general. But again that is, another blog for another time. So, again I’m going to try and be positive. I was yesterday and had laughs, but today I’m scared to do anything different! It’s funny, I’m beginning a new chapter, or I say, a new season in my life and I’m petrified! Go figure! Well what comes a new, brings change, and well my friends, I’m autistic as you know and I’m not good with the inedible change. God I can write well, to give myself credit, lol! My words, are all I have,I was subjected to silence, for 31 years, to an abusive relationship. I was not allowed to have a voice, unless I was bringing in an income, yes, shitty isn’t it? But I chose to remain non-verbal at times, because it was easier to be quiet, then to get abused, mentally or physically. It just was! My life, was my problem, and being 19 myself to marry, it was my problem to endure, back then, in its day! So when my Dad was in his 4th year of having mini-strokes, I realized it was my time to get out of my gross, disgusting, what you call, marriage and go into hiding. Because my gross ex, was going to kill me and my parents. Wow, shit times all around. PTSD in the making there, I’ll tell you. But back to me and the new chapter in my life. Well, I’m going on a jet plain in my life to a year of a year, to my destiny and finding my Village of all autistic people. Wow what a positive revelation that will be. On my small Island I live, there is know support for Autistic people, kids mind you, have help, but adults whom have a later diagnosis in life, don’t. Wow Island, get on board and become conducive to my mental health! Shit, it sucks here! Anyways, onward and upwards, again from a previous post, but I had to use it, It’s my philosophy at times. I’m privileged and honored to be part of my new endeavor and I hope I represent my people, my Village, as you all would have, me to do. The best job my little, 5 ft 1 inch little body can muster. So off to the big cities of Canada, the small Towns I hope, and a continuation of more to come. Maybe I’ll get a book launch, because I’m a writer, or I am author, I’ve been told. With a handwritten autobiography, about growing up, having kids on the spectrum, growing up with them, abuse, neglect and getting my later diagnosis in life and to my precious baby girl who is in heaven, I love you, Momma will see you soon. And much more, stay tuned! So it’s a book alright, I need to get this published, but first, I need to get it typed, but my hands cannot anymore, due to fibromyalgia. But who’s complaining anyways. It’s my complaint and I’m sticking to it, that sucks! Mobility I mean. Anyways, back and forth on my feelings today, it must be the menopause and dryness, lol. I can’t believe I just said it again. I’m so funny 🤩. Well I’m going to start my day by watching a humorous show about second marriage and why not to do this. But if you find love, love and if you want to marry, marry as many times as who’d like, know judgement here. Wow, I’m all over the place, well we all know women are from Venus as the old book tells us. A goody in its day, to help us as women understand the complexities of men. Not very much mind you, feed the man through his belly, I’m understanding, in today’s analogy or penis! There I did it again, I was crude, my bluntness got away with me. But funny all the same! Anyways I’m out for the count or until I want to chatter more, lol. Have an awesome day, and remember anyone of you, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Have a blessed day, and eat fiber it helps you to poop. God I’m funny! Author and blogger: Amy L. Bailey, always at your service, if I’m busy, leave a message lol.


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