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Sitting and waiting in Emerge with my fiancé Jay with the left lung not working in accordance to the other. How could I have forgotten my phone. I was just in tge Dollar Store picking up a few things. I came out to see the desperate attempts of Jay trying to get ahold of me. I feel so ashamed, I’ve been so hard on him lately! 😪. He is such a strong man and so well established in his demeanor. Me, I fail at any given moment to establish a thought process or ADHD has stolen my brain to pace and have a hamster wheel going at all times. But enough about me, I love him so much and I need to have things more settled in our shitty apartment with our 3 cats. Thus my attitude has to change as well. Positive and more positive, that is going to be my slogan from now on. Because without him I’m not a whole person, and my love for him and his for me is everlasting till the end. And that’s what counts. God bless everyone. Amy L. Bailey


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