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It’s Going to be a Good Day

Well I’ve been having a lot of negative blogging lately! So today I’m going to get out of bed, with a different light or step on the day. I know in my best of hearts, that I need more in my life. I need more from my heart, my mind, my soul and everything that is good, I need to relearn. So, the question we all ask, what is life all about, what does it reflect on me? Well the question is different for everybody, and Jay my love…does this mean, being on the fence, lol? I may not understand it but again, lol. I was so angry because you couldn’t answer my question. What does being on the fence mean anyway? What feeling is it when you are in-between or on the fence? My bad, I love you Jay and Mom, for me being such a ass, because I needed at that moment, a feeling to it, cause I didnt understand, lol. But for me, it’s to get up with a better attitude, it’s to live life to its fullest, it’s to make better decisions for my heart of hearts. So I will today, make a choice to start fulfilling my soul, yet, meet the needs that nourish and consistently take accountability, for one’s life. So you’re asking me, how do I do this? Well my autistic Village and others reading this, one step at a time, one small look up, with my eyes. And, my autistic people, you know how hard this is for us. But even if I can’t look someone in the eye and I pick one spot maybe on their sweater to look at, that’s a step in the right direction for me. So, this is the word of the day…So! So, I choose to live this life in all good faith and all good honor to myself and to others, who are going through the same thing as I. And, and with the economy and the world as it is, we can feel the pain and the hardship around us, but never let it take us down completely, because we are reunited as one, on this Friday, of Remembrance Day. Remember to honor our Veterans who have fallen yesterday, today and tomorrow. And thank you Jay, for your Grandfather serving for you and I and for all, as well. For we are all, indebted to them, for our freedom! And I thank you to my dear Veterans, I give you all my heart and my due diligence to your honor. Thank you everyone, or anyone who will read this, stop, bow your head and thank our wonderful Veterans for your freedom, as well. For if they hadn’t given their lives for their Country, we would not be alive and as prosperous as we are today! I’m so glad I have the honor everyday to live in such a free society as Canada, even with our faults and flaws, we are united as one!

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