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Looking through a peep hole

Me looking through a key hole to life

I always felt like I was looking through a key hole to life. For some reason I always thought I was so much smaller than most. Yes, I was actually, smaller than everyone else, lol! I use to be 5ft 2 inches tall, but shrunk, starting the ongoing sagas, of the menopausal reaction, to the woman’s journey, to being old! Yes, I said old, and I’m pissed, lol. What to do, what to do?? OK, so I’m vain, but who says I can’t be? Look if you were me, you’d cry also. I find out less than a year ago I’m dying, oh yes I may or may not have told you this. But another time, another blog, to blog! Gosh, I’m killing myself here! Upbeat please, move the mark, step the beat, go to the right, then the left. I could go all night to the beat, but onward and upwards! I’d be aging myself, and know one here, actually knows my age. Ha, ha, Told yah, in the first blog, lol. But anyways, back to complaining. So my red hair is turning Grey and thinning. Oh and everything is going South of the Border. I don’t have any idea what is happening, south of the Border. Well that’s another R-Rated blog, for, another R-Rated blog, not here in this upscale, fine, neighborhood. All together folks, get your minds out of the gutters! But anyways, south of the Border is out of Commission until further notice! OMG, I just said that to everyone and their everyone, 🤭. Well that is black and white blunt thinking and blurting out for yah! From my blunt autistic brain, I mean, my mouth! Again, lol, I cracked me up, Gosh I’m funny! I have to give myself credit, when credit is do, don’t you know. So South, South, but not in a good way, it was a shock, in like a week, everything, went South. Well, enough said, as the saying goes, don’t cry over spilt milk. But with this day in age, spilling milk, with this economy? I’d cry too! So, I can cry over my menopausal moments and everything going Southern for the, I mean “a” dry spell. Yup I actually said it people, I actually said it! Bailey’s out for the count and steppin to the beat! I’m outta here! Peace!! And thank you again for visiting my blog. Hope you all enjoyed myself, with my over, Endowed humor!

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Amy L. Bailey


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